My Favourite Things 

It has been easy in our response COVID-19, for individuals, businesses, families and governments to identify what we are losing. There has been an air of negativity as we all battle through together. The virus has taken the world by storm and held people to ransom through fear and indecision. 
Despite this there have been some particularly memorable, even joyful moments; balcony musical performances, aging athletes running circles in their gardens and raising millions, shared moments through the window and from across the street as well online quiz nights with friends and much more. 
‘My favourite things’ is an international film collaboration project that aims to capture what people will want to keep from the recent lockdown experiences. We have discovered; clearer skies, conversations with neighbours, stronger connections with nature, a greater respect and appreciation for the medical and caring profession, time to read, a slower pace to life, time to reflect and affirm one's values, and maybe, spent more time with the family. As we enter a new and different normal what will we be fighting to hold on to.  
The project has been built around My Favourite Things from the musical The Sound of Music. 
Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens, 
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, 
Brown paper packages tied up with string, 
What things have helped you to deal with this time when; the virus bites or when the chest stings? What things will you be wanting to hold on to from this experience?
COVID-19 has become a major part of our life, but how will it be remembered in years to come? It will define and shape our lives depending on how we come out of it all. What have we learnt whilst being confined to the home, what lifestyle changes will we continue even after the virus and what memories will we hold on tight to?


‘It has been a period where so many things have happened and changed in people’s lives, I am hoping this project will highlight the positive changes and for people to appreciate the space and time for reflection and support reflection for others. I want people’s contributions to inspire others and be a portal for gratitude and an opportunity to value what really makes them happy.’ 
Vitaly Volodchenko (UA)- International Trainer, Filmmaker - Project Film Editor


‘I have always been convinced that any experience can bring new learning. Especially from the crisis we have experienced and still experiencing, if we only focus on the tragedy and the loss, we will miss the important things we have shared, learned, discovered and been rewarded with from the moment. These are our assets, the experiences and wisdom that will help us make the new start. This is why a project like My Favourite Things is important.’ Jan Lai (IT) - Youth Worker, International Trainer, Photographer - Project Tech Support


‘These are difficult times for so many people across the world. Yet still there are moments when the light gets in, where people’s spirits are lifted and resilience and hope are born. There is a pressure to rush forward and for normal service to resume, we want to stop, reflect and capture the things we want to keep from the experience, the possible catalysts for the new status quo. We are hoping My Favourite Things will do just that.’ Buzz Bury (UK) - Artist, International Trainer, Educator - Project Producer and Director


UK, Blackpool musician and composer Adam Simpson has now been engaged to work on the soundtrack for the film. 


Next Steps: 

Register by emailing us; with your name, your profession, your location (town, country etc) and send us a list of three things you want to keep and hold on to from the recent experience. 


On confirmation prepare and share (wetransfer or something similar) a photo image, poster, short video clip, animation that best shares the things you want to keep and hold on to

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